V2 cars in v3

V2 cars in v3

I think v2 cars in Firestone should still be used in v3, what do you think?

no v2 cars are an actual disaster, they could have just called that virus that makes u cough and get a yellow screen “firestone’s cars” and it would have become an uncureable epidemic.

for real though;
handling is actual garbage
brakes just dont make sense, if u tap s once your car goes into full stop1
the gears make even less sense
car just randomly drifts sometimes


dont mention the random flings, the 360s in the SRT, etc.

Firestone cars are the easiest yet best to handle on any Roblox roleplay cars. Please provide another group with better cars.
However, they’re still trash.

Also, I think you got your wish granted: http://prntscr.com/pl8gb8

Firestone has best block cars but idk about the handling

mayflowers car system is pretty cool but the manual transmission is kinda annoying

100 percent.

I agree but I think the steering is slow and, in general, the roads in Mayflower are trash.
I do however like the brake and reverse lights which v2 doesn’t have at all and I can’t see whether v3 is gonna have them or not.

no firestone definitely does not have the best cars to handle on roblox.

just look at mayflower, cars arent annoying there that’s enough said

their cars are more stable, and rarely flip. hence why they do not have the flip feature

i flip my cars all the time then im stuck there, unable to flip

I’ve never flipped my car in MF lol

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