The Truthful Testimony Act of 2019 Revised

The Truthful Testimony Act of 2019 Revised

The Truthful Testimony Act of 2019


SECTION 1: It shall be against the law to falsify testimonies to intelligence agencies while under questioning or providing tips to a crime. Individuals still have the right to remain silent and this act does not prohibit that right to be exercised. Acting in silence shall not be treated as a False Testimony.

SECTION 2: Intelligence agencies are required to swear individuals before testifying for this act to be used against an individual. If the agency allows for written tips then the agency is required to have a warning prior to submitting the tip that reads, “You are submitting a tip to a Firestone government agency. I understand that repeatedly providing tips with no investigative value will result in my tips not being considered. I understand that providing false information could subject me to fine, imprisonment, or both (The Truthful Testimony Act of 2019).”

SECTION 3: Violation of section 1 shall be a criminal charge and shall be defined as Providing a False Testimony.

SECTION 3A: Intentionally or repeatedly providing a False Testimony shall be deemed a Felony and shall result in prosecution from the Firestone Department of Justice, in which the judge will decide the sentence should they be found guilty

SECTION 4: Intelligence agencies are defined as the Firestone Department of Homeland Security, Department of Public Safety, Department of Justice, and the Congressional Government Oversight Committee.

SECTION 4A: The Firestone Department of Homeland Security shall be defined as!/about

SECTION 4B: The Firestone Department of Public Safety shall be defined as!/about

SECTION 4C: The Firestone Department of Justice shall be defined as!/about

SECTION 5: This legislation shall be enforced by the Firestone Courts and the intelligence agencies listed in section 4.

SECTION 6: This legislation shall go into effect immediately after passing both Congress and being signed by the Governor.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Representative, Clonemep

Senator, CannonOblivion
Senator, JamesDitomosso
Representative, FightingTheFlames
Department of Public Safety Secretary, Ftlicious

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