The end

The end

bye I can’t do this anymore with the frp so uh idk who to thank bc everyone hates me but here’s some people:
@j0805 thx for training me to be a supervisor in dpw even though you didn’t reinstate me
@JamesHenrickAnderson you were good to work with and ur not toxic
@scriblelz weirdo but yeah
@Philip_Forth you were a non toxic criminal
ok bye
patriotic is out


o7 :frowning:

I’m gonna miss you bro :cry:

werent you my old sergeant in SCSO

;( oh7

@Cuxle your next bud


@Cuxle your next bud

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g u l p s

ok what the HELL

o7 tyfys
welcome to the club
we have jackets.

you’re pretty active for someone who “quit firestone” @Jeffrevin

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NOOOO @ThinBlueCross

hey, you dont know me and i dont know you but it’s sad to see you go fam

good luck w/ your future endeavors :smile:

imma miss u cross :frowning: you were a cool dude to work with, wish you luck in whatever you pursue in the future man.

shush i’m incognito
and lurking doesn’t equal quitting

Well, only a few people who made a thread on quitting FS actually quitted entirely.

@ThinBlueCross No shoutout to me ;( I got us a complete not guilty verdict from the state

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