The Department Of Health Act

The Department Of Health Act

The “Department of Health” Act


This Act shall define the rights and the ability of the Department of Health.


SECTION 1: The Department of Health shall oversee all medical affairs and enforce all medical regulations within the State of Firestone. This includes past, current and future medical certifications, courses and scope of practice. Including the revocation of certifications and permits of medical certifications.

SECTION 1A: The Department of Health will provide an overseeing board that shall enforce the medical regulations set by this act. Departments that hold any kind of medical providers shall grant the members of the board access to oversee the status and condition of the medical operations of the affected departments.

SECTION 1B: If an Academy, School or Department wants to provide medical certifications or wishes to train already existing certifications, they need to request the approval from the Supervisory Board (mentioned in Section 1A). They may proceed to teach and certify their certification after approval of the supervisory board.

SECTION 1C: The Department of Health will control the scope of practice of all past, current and future medical certifications to fit the most reasonable and newest standards of the medical field. Departments may request a change of scope of practice at the supervisory board.

SECTION 1D: If the Supervisory Board notices that a department neglects the scope of practice, fails to prevent medical negligence or any other violations against this bill, they will start an investigation on that, based on evidence. If the violation proves to be true, the department has to obey the request that was resolved by the Supervisory Board.

If a department or academy fails or refuses to obey the request, the Supervisory Board shall remove their authority to give medical treatment, and shall investigate those who have been found violating this bill…

SECTION 1E: The Department of Health grants affected departments to appoint a member of the affected department as a delegate to allow departments to request changes by the Supervisory Board. The delegated member needs to hold the certification the department mainly uses in daily activities. (e.g. FNG - TCCC)

SECTION 2: The Department of Health will only oversee medical affairs.

SECTION 2A: SCFD is still responsible for their own organization and staffing of ambulances (pre-clinical emergency medical services) and DoH may not interfere with direct SCFD operations. SCFD has to obey Section 1 of this act regarding the scope of practice and medical certifications. The Department of Health won’t interfere with the organizational structures of affected departments, only the medical aid will be affected by this bill.

SECTION 2B: The term “access” in Section 1A shall be defined as any measures that the Supervisory Board may take to oversee medical activities, competence and regulations. This could be done by the department granting a Supervisory Board member access to a trello, providing ride alongs for a Supervisory Board member or accept a medical assessment training by the Supervisory Board at reasonable suspicion to medical negligence.

SECTION 2C: Supervisory Board members may only investigate on their own field or of those below his or her certification level. (e.g. EMT-P can investigate on EMT-Bs and EMT-Ps)

SECTION 3: Following departments, academies and subdivisions will be effected by this Bill.

A. Stapleton County Fire Department and Stapleton County Fire Academy

B. 9th Medical Platoon, Firestone National Guard

C. Air Service Unit, Firestone State Patrol

D. Department of Health, Stapleton County Medical Center

E. All future departments or institutions that wish to teach medical certifications or that provide medical aid.

SECTION 4: This legislation shall go into effect upon passage of both the Senate and House and signed into effect by the Governor.

Respectfully submitted to the Legislative Branch of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):

Rep. Firetreat21

Former Representative, Jonathan_McKay

DoH Secretary, Champ101490

DoH Deputy Secretary, Dr0xy


Representative Japhillips22

Representative bribri2173

Senator antspeez

Sergeant spookdan


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