Speaker of the House Poll

Speaker of the House Poll

I’d just like to make a quick point that I do believe I am competent and worthy of the position. I have had a lot of experience in this field of work, and would like to say please vote on who you actually believe is worthy, instead of who other people are voting for. Thank you.

I don’t think the intent of removing tact was to cripple the house. On paper, the impeachment was justified. The focus shouldn’t be on the removal, but rather moving forward and trying to keep the house in tact. I would expect for congressional leaders to voice their opinions but to also have confidence in a new house leadership. That’s the only way we’ll move forward.


alright im not defending notorious but what did he do that makes him unqualified for the position

it’s just that i have no clue what’s going on in hor

Oh how I would love to comment subjectively. Unfortunately, by becoming a Court Justice, your borderline yield your freedom of speech.

I will say that Congress and the state have many severe issues going on, and instead of identifying and prioritizing those, our elected congresspeople ignore them and only take action when there’s an opportunity for publicity. NotoriousAmerican has been unnecessarily disrespectful and dismissive of concerns that I have personally discussed, and I firmly believe the House needs a leader that will work to represent rather than self-indulge.

Oh, well. Another day, another scandal.


Ok if we don’t “forgive and forget” then why did you get elected to the House? I mean you did get removed from being the Chief Justice.

It appears to me like this state does forgive certain transgressions but again that is my opinion. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

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I see no one fit for this position, all of them are either inexperienced/new to the house or have a shady and uncertain background which makes me lose trust in them.


If we really need someone to be Speaker of the House and these were our only reliable options I’d say either Joshernaut or Speciate.

Forgive and forget, what I’m referring to is when an individual has violated the law, we don’t forget that and avoid punishing them. 95% of the time that has happened, they are punished.

Ironic they expel me but then immediately realize the following day they’ve fucked up and regret their decisions.

I’m not going to deny the fact of what I did and that it was a constitutional violation, but considering the fact I owned up to my mistake and it was my only fuck up I believed the whole situation was a bit of an over-step. I love how everyone against me is trying to make the unfortunate reality of the SC case seem bigger than it really is. “Lost a months worth of legislation” way to blow it out of proportion. It was more like 15 pieces of legislation, some if not most not massively important. I like how people are also using this opportunity to call me out as an “incompetent speaker” or that I didn’t read the constitution. Well guess what, you’re not me, I did read the constitution; I had to when I first became Representative in order to understand the process, powers and options of the reps and congress. Also calling me out as incompetent because of this is just not true. When Skye resigned from the house, I’m the one who kept it together and kept operations operating as normal. Ignoring the unfortunate situation and the fact I can’t count properly, I was able to maintain the operations of the house and keep it moving. So if you want to call me incompetent just simply because of this matter, you can go back to the personal attacks bus and stay there.

I can already see the “anti-tac squad” coming out from the shadows ready to attack.
*grabs sunglasses
Come at me.

hi even though this doesnt matter, after “Court Justice,” in the first sentence, I intended to say “you,” not “your.”


Hello, Judge,

Although I may have a tone at sometimes, I am looking back in our messages and am unable to find any concerns you brought up. So, when you post a comment on the forums, please get your facts straight.

you were still useless as SoTH

I must say, I agree with my fellow Ash. What Notorious has done is extremely horrendous. If he gets anywhere even close I shall also lose all respect for our House of Representatives. Please put someone who actually knows what they are doing and who is competent in the Speaker of the House position.

Secretary of Public Safety

If I may direct you to the nearest ophthalmologist, you may be able to find such there.

No I won’t. Period.

whats an ophthalmologist

An eye doctor.

I fully support Rinextel. He has done nothing but good for us. Thank you.
Signed, roboxzaxar

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