Speaker of the House Poll

Speaker of the House Poll

With the expulsion of the former Speaker, who would you like to see next? (made new one other one broke).

  • Joshernaut
  • NotoriousAmerican
  • Speciate
  • ZachKearns
  • RayZap
  • Rinextel

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Wheres the none option?


If NotoriousAmerican gets anywhere near Speaker of the House I will lose faith in the House of Representatives and I hate to say it, from his inexperience, incompetence and shady ethics revolving around the removal of Former Speaker Tactical, I deem him untrustworthy and not as advertised.

The Right Honourable Lieutenant Governor


I fully respect your opinions on this. However, I’d like to state I have plenty of experience serving as a presiding officer. This does not just pertain to the Legislative Branch, but also the Judiciary. I do not believe that I am incompetent, and neither are you. I served as the President Pro Tempore for a full term under a great administration. While I don’t have the greatest past, no one is perfect. I only sought to run for the position after receiving a lot of support. I apologize for the inconvenience I may or may not have caused you and hope you can see past this.

Representative NotoriousAmerican

Not like tact had to go or anything😑. Lets just blow by the part where he halted a months worth of law making and progress in the legislative branch and proved to be incompetent on several occasions. Hell he couldn’t even fully understand the constitution. NotoriousAmerican on the other hand has been in, and involved in congress longer than I have and from his experience and willingness to get the undesirable work done when others are too lazy too. I believe he has the right to the speakership.

none of them


I endorse Joshernaut for the speakership and urge that the representatives do not elect notorious to a position that he isn’t qualified for (he hasn’t even been involved in Firestone for quite some time). I also encourage each representative to examine the rather shady tactics that were used to remove the Speaker. My DMs are open any my press release from yesterday further extends on my thoughts (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qsv0K2QCpIpqtlkMgrGb5ElQUpcmP45UomNXDwst1aU/edit?usp=sharing)

bruh it was literally 5 bills

dropping in that it “was a months worth of work” is BS

http://prntscr.com/pifp8e – You might have accidentally counted it, it’s all good though. However, @TACTlCALCANADlAN stated it was at least fifteen pieces of legislation.

Quantity doesn’t matter, its about how those pieces of legislation impacted the county and improved it, all fading into thin air over a mistake that could’ve been easily prevented if the power was given to the right person. I’m dying how you see the work of your fellow congressmen as just a number.

“shady tactics” coming from politicians thats gold. Sick of congressmen acting as if they’re saints.

and you dont see now that there is literally nobody as qualified as tact to fill the seat?

literally no- you want to say that I’ve done anything remotely the same I encourage you to point out a specific incident. instead of supporting your BS claims you now decide to attack me.

imagine coming into congress after being dead for about a year and within 2 weeks you’re shooting for the speakership after orchestrating the speaker’s expulsion. if that’s not shady I dont entirely know what your definition of shady is.

It’s not my fault that he violated the Constitution, and was correctly removed for it. That’s how this works, we don’t forgive and forget and not hold people accountable for something everyone gets punished for. He got removed for a reason only containing the fact that he elected fourteen (14) House of Representative members.

I’m not saying that we should excuse mistakes I’m saying that what he did didnt warrant an exponentially more forceful repercussion

The Constitution states we have the responsibility and right to expel/impeach individuals who have broken our laws.

that doesnt justify you effectively further crippling an already broken congress to begin with



  1. Notorious has held a legislative office longer than I have and has way more experience than any congressmen in both chambers.
  2. I didn’t compare you, I said “congressmen” stop playing the victim card and being a wuss by saying i am “attacking” you.

3.So? Tact did something wrong he caught the fist of justice. It happens who cares, shouldn’t of wiped out the department of defense and other essential bills with his careless actions.

As a 2x Speaker of the House I fully endorse NotoriousAmerican, he is a leader not a follower like these new congressmen.

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well we can all agree on one thing