Representatives not Representing?

Representatives not Representing?

Well guys it seems our Reps didn’t listen to the Citizens of Firestone, you know, the people who they’re supposed to represent. They went and elected some guy who has no political background when it seems the public wanted someone else.

As seen here:

I’ll leave y’all to it to debate >:)

I have a political background, I can ensure you that.

I can say this, at first we were all aboard the josh train but somewhere between yesterday and today everyone just had a mind change and now we have rinextel as the new SOTH. Also let the records show I did vote josh for SOTH.

Dude Ive never even heard of you before you got elected

If you’re the same personI think you are, we’ve served together in FSP.

its the reps decision, they don’t have to listen to popular opinion. I assume as reps they’d know best onto who they’d make their leader.


You’ve never held any noteworthy positions in Firestone what-so-ever… And using your behavior, and basing the conversations you had with fellow representatives at TACTICALS explusion, you don’t seem fit to even be in the House.

I had no conversations with other Reps about Tacticals expulsion. I stated I’d be abstaining and had no vote; despite me being DMed constantly.

Further, I was the one to motion to revote his expulsion because I did not get to vote nor see the vote.

You were jumping up and down the in the chamber, walking around, and motioning on motions that didn’t even exist/weren’t recognized by the legislature.

I wasn’t even at the chamber…? I kept DCing so I never had a chance to even watch it.

No I was never in fsp

Oh, well you have someone who has a similar name. But, I’ve been in FS since 2017 in been in the House 4 times at this point.

I don’t ever recall seeing you as a Representative… I’ve been here since 2016, HoR x2 and never seen you in the chambers… I’ve held also a government position in Firestone since 2016, and have always been up to date with who was in what position. Just odd that I don’t ever recall your name.

I’ve passed multiple legislation from previous terms if you wish to see them.

My bad, I just looked on the trelloboard. I just don’t ever recall seeing and or hearing anything about you. My bad!

Yep. All good, man. I will try my best as SoTH, I’ve done a few things already and hope to continue them. I am getting judged by my popularity rather than my actions… but that’s just the way Firestone politics are.

Thats how politics are in general. It’s different seeing someone become something, or get something when you’ve never seen them before. I’m all for people trying new things, and running for public office. As long as they can prove that they know what they’re doing.

Judging people for things like this is kind of a natural thing we do as humans, we wonder, who the hell is that person? And we make our accusations according to that logic. Like I said, I just never have seen you, and thus that was what provoked the spark to wonder who you were, and where you came from; but you explained to me already. :slight_smile:

Yep. I hope to work with you in the near future.

Dear, Dino It would only be fair if you had a political background yourself before generalizing the legislature as inexperienced. A more proper approach would be to discuss this with the legislature and find a solution. I do appreciate the concern and be happy to look into it.