Regarding Expungement Prioritization

Regarding Expungement Prioritization

Hello! As CCJ, it is one of my main goals to reform the expungement system because it sucks and is a nightmare of red tape. One thing I’ve pulled for since my renomination to the judiciary was assigning expungements levels of priority based on the circumstance. I.e. people who will lose the post in a business, department, etc. over a false arrest are first, followed generally by false arrests, then old arrests, then old citations. This is a draft work and can be improved upon. However, as stated by InnovativeMind in his news program, this system isn’t completely equal footing, and that’s a fair debate to have. So I have made this post to get a grasp on if the population would be ok with prioritizing expungements based on the circumstances of the expungement:

  • Yes prioritized expungements
  • No prioritized expungements

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Workers republic of Firestone, give the workers priority!

Nobody is more special or more deserving of an expungement simply due to the circumstances surrounding the expungement. To say they are is to infer a bias from the start in favor of certain petitioners over others. Expungements are and should remain on a first come, first serve basis.


This is a hard question to answer, because on one hand, we want to help those who need an expungement for career forwarding or otherwise as quickly as possible, but on the other hand, your position in the state shouldn’t have any standing in your treatment in a court of law.

I am definitely comfortable prioritizing false arrest/citation cases, however.

I personally don’t agree with that. Why should someone who worked three months to be a Deputy or whatever be screwed with one false arrest while a guy who wants his speeding citation from two months ago removed goes before him?

Because the guy with the speeding citation filed first and reserved a place in line first. Why should he have to suffer just because the courts deem others more important?

If a Deputy is falsely arrested, any action which would be taken against them would be taken prior to the expungement no matter if we prioritize it or not. The only way to help them is to get departments to allow them a probationary period until such time that the expungement has been heard, not to specially treat them. That is an issue for the Executive Branch, not us.

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If its false then yes, if it’s a legitimate arrest then no.

Well yes that’s the ideal of all expungements-remove false arrests

If the arrest was clearly false and it was proven in court then the record is gone. It may not be gone from the database but its gone legally speaking. The reason it would stay on the database because the line to remove records is long! Dedicate a whole day to removing old records.

prioritizing record expungements really is a slap to those who have been waiting in the queue for a long time which is what is happening currently, than in this case only to be pushed further back.


Dude, nobody wants to sit in the database for 12 hours clicking “Delete Record” over and over again.


I’d do it if they pay me each hour but not gonna happen

How many records are there to clear?

None? We don’t do the queue crap anymore

Perception is reality.

The last thing I would want is for citizens to look at this post and say that people get special treatment due to their position - thus destroying the credibility of the judiciary in ways that I do not care discuss right now.

Therefore, I recommend that you stick with the “first come, first serve” basis.

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No, they are citizens like us. They should NOT be treated differently because they are a Trooper or the Sheriff, why should they? Yes there position is at risk but they are the same as everyone else and should wait the same time as everyone else, case closed.

we must prioritize people bc they will b mad if they wait 2000 years for expungment good idea danny : )) :grinning:

cc @Skye_Jones

Given the opportunity to complain here, I have been waiting for one and a quarter months to have the chance to expunge this citation.

I believe I’ve been “first come” for a while, now.

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I absolutely agree with this. Ever since Disordio or even Blast was CCJ, expungements have and should always be a first come first serve system. If the judges are on top of expungements in terms ot activity, there shouldn’t be no worry about waiting months or extended periods of time to get their expungement(s) dealt with.