Petition to the State of Firestone Congress to Make the Equal Protection Amendment

Petition to the State of Firestone Congress to Make the Equal Protection Amendment

Petition to the State of Firestone Congress to Make the Equal Protection Amendment
By Clonemep

Citizens and Congress of Firestone, I bring to you this important issue that is within our government. We need to add this clause to the Bill of Rights to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly. Technically as of right now, Congress could pass any law in which it could discriminate a group of people or a certain person. Therefore I am proposing the following legislation to be added:

The Equal Protection Amendment [BOR Section XVI]


Section I: Section XVI of the Firestone Bill of Rights shall be added.

Section II: Section XVI of the Firestone Bill of Rights shall read: “All persons who legally immigrate to the State of Firestone are citizens of the State of Firestone and of the County wherein they reside. The State of Firestone shall not make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the State of Firestone; nor shall the State of Firestone deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Section III: This legislation shall be overseen by the Governor of Firestone.

Section IV: This legislation shall go into effect immediately after completing the constitutional procedure required.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of Firestone;

Chief Sponsor:
Clonemep, Citizen
Congressmen proposing the legislation, Representative / Senator

Anyone who supports this petition

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I think the immigration section could be removed as it just adds more problems than it ‘fixes’.


ah yes, roblox immigration. we welcome all mano immigrants!


Yeah lol. I just used the USA amendment as a reference. The first sentence can be removed if actually sent to congress.

I can comment on this since the Supreme Court can’t strike down Constitutional/BoR amendments anyway.

I can appreciate the idea that was attempted here, but it was miserably executed.

Firestone doesn’t have purchasable or liveable residences, and therefore, a citizen is hardly capable of residing. Technically speaking, the Department of Commerce could legally delegate a house to someone, but under the current “meta” of the state, that is unlikely and plainly goofy. In addition to this, there is no legal immigration process. As much as I would appreciate the existence of one, I’d bet a year’s salary Fed isn’t going to allow anyone to control immigration besides himself.

Why are you turning a privilege into a right? The entire point of a privilege is that it is revocable. It is a privilege to be permitted to roam the streets (as opposed to being incarcerated). I’d go as far to say that this portion of the amendment makes imprisonment unconstitutional. Additionally, to my knowledge, there are no “immunities” defined in law, as such an amendment tears apart the core concept of a fair and just legal codex.

This portion of your amendment is also useless. Article III, Section III of the State of Firestone Constitution reads, “Judges are responsible for administering just punishments. To receive these punishments the individual in question must have been proven guilty beforehand, in the court of law.” That’s just making our law more redundant, which we definitely do not need.

This part is actually okay. I feel like this could be better set out in another amendment, however.

Please consider the above before willy-nilly voting on the poll.


I mean since when do SC arrests go through due process lol, do all cops violate the BOR?

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Hey Clonemep,

Don’t take offense to this, but I’m going to attempt to state my opinion.

With this argument, as @Jefrafra said, one example of a privilege is driving. In the United States as well as Firestone, driving is a privilege and the legal ability to drive may be revoked where necessary (however in Firestone, we cannot really do that, but in theory, we would be able to). This part of the petition is unnecessary and would ruin so many things if we were to pass this in Congress.

Judges already have the legal obligation to ensure all people have the right to a fair trial. Everyone has their own legal right to due process. However, the last little part of it would be good, because I haven’t ever thought about bringing in an amendment like that in. That’s all I have on your petition. I recommend replying when you get the chance.

Representative NotoriousAmerican

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