My retirement from the community after 3 years

My retirement from the community after 3 years

Hey there -

Making this post to formally announce my retirement from the State of Firestone. Its been a long three years here joining back in 2016 and I never thought I’d come this far. I was shocked I even graduated POST at the time, let alone become the Director. I served as an LEO a little bit but most of my time here was dedicated to a lego academy known as POST. Not counting @iLordOfAviation serving in a usel- dead department, I’m pretty sure I was the longest-lasting (or maybe 2nd) department head until Mr. Canine yeeted me. We all know the story of POST so I won’t get into that again.

I don’t think I’m viewed the most favorably by the founders due to me being unable to keep my opinions to myself, but I truly respect y’all @GetEnveloped @pathwaysbball @FedoraMasterB98. Say what you want, but you’ve all managed to keep this group going for 3.5 years now and manage to keep it interesting and attract thousands of players. With v3 on the way, it definitely has more years to come. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and best of luck going forward.

I’m not going to name specific people over friendship/personal relations like many others due to avoid disrespecting anyone or making this retirement bitter. I may DM a few people. That said, I would like to mention those who’ve helped me come this far:

The legend JordanLewis (hired me as a POST JI in March 2017 & graduated under him)
@Timshep07 for promoting me into the POST Administration and being a pretty kick ass boss (+friend)
@Buford1842 for being an amazing Director & superior. My term as Director would’ve been nothing without the experience under him.
The deceased (banned) legend OVG for nominating me to the position of POST Director.
and ty @CanineEnforcement and @B_ear for the 2nd administration position.

It’s been a great run. At this point, I just no longer have any time/interest in the state. I have life to take of + other activities/interests that are just more enjoyable. Thank you all for the support over the last few years. This does not mean the end of friendships though! I’ll stick around in the Firestone & POST discords only.


Note: I will officially resign from my position in POST on October 9th @ 12 AM EDT. I have something I’m working on there that I’m going to finish first before leaving.


You’ll be missed, my guy. A true hero.


best director there was, good luck where ever you end up


Speaker Pro Tempore


Sadface :frowning:

Ok white person.

Thank you, very cool! :+1:

oh and I’ve created a program that automatically denies @Buford1842’s join request for all eternity.


Sad to see you go :frowning: tyfys

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iLordOfAviation (FDOA: Sept. 2017 - incumbent, approx. 26 months)
Chevyrocks (FDHS: Dec. 2017 - Apr. 2019, approx. 17 months)
Slinkising (FDOT: June 2018 - incumbent, approx. 16 months)
MaximusGXL (POST: Feb. 2018 - May 2019, approx. 15 months)
TTEMB (FDOC: May 2018 - July 2019, approx. 14 months)

From my approximations, almost. Not quite.

(bye thanks for serving in my chamber <3)


oh right DOT exist- what

I will miss you. I will never forget that may day I found firestone, and wanted to join POST. I wont ever forget the feeling of reading the sudden announcement that you were dismissed. You were a very important part of our community, and I hope to see you come back again some day.

great director that tried his best to maintain POST

(p.s i will not forget that time you kicked me from my tier 1 for not understanding left to right when sitting, i will cherish it!)

Wow. I’ve known you for about 3 years now. I’ve always looked up to you ever since I met you what seems like an eternity ago. Just know that you will always be missed. I hope to see you around.

rip CPER

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After everything we’ve been through, it’s been a good three years. I’m really going to miss you, please enjoy your time when you find another endeavor.


o7 mans

xie xie kind sir
even though I haven’t had a POST certification yet LOL

i worked with you a bit when i served as ce 4 times good luck wherever u go


welcome to the club maximus, we have jackets.
i miss jordanlewis too my dude.