Jordie_Walker for House of Representatives

Jordie_Walker for House of Representatives

My name is Dr. Jordie Walker and I’m seeking office for a seat in the House of Representatives. Prior to the State of Firestone I’m a former one term congressman in Nightgaladeld’s United States. During my tenure as representative I served as Chair and ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, House Minority Whip, and House Chaplain.

Aside from the roleplaying portion of my life I’m a methodist minister, musician, and vocalist. I take pride in my real life activities and hope to give back to those who gave to me. I have yet to serve in Firestone’s National Guard, however, prior to that in Nightgaladeld’s United States I also served as Executive Secretary of Defense, Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force. And lastly I was nominated and confirmed in the senate for Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Labor with a 13-0-0 vote under the Fr0sty_TheSn0wman administration.

Okay enough of me, let me explain as to why you should support and elect me to represent you!

• Competency and Leadership

• Part Time Activity

• Honesty and Responsibility

• Experienced and educated in American politics, diplomacy, and military / national security affairs

• Economically skilled and competent in entrepreneurship

I’m sure it’s hard for people to gain trust in another they’ve never seen or heard of before. If elected or even supported it’d be my duty to represent you with the utmost respect. In order for change to happen you must stand up first, you either read about history or you make it.

Night’s United States of America taught me in order to be something you need to build trust of all things! The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties, I refuse to take that road. Power means nothing if it doesn’t have value and value is power!

Tomorrow has no delay so make a change today!



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