How do you want to park? (pls read this I'm really lonely)

How do you want to park? (pls read this I'm really lonely)


Do you like the current parking laws (you’re pretty much not allowed to park anywhere except in designated parking spots) or do you want it to be more like real life (allowed to park on the side of the road, etc.)?

  • Stay the way it is
  • More realistic
  • I’m a criminal scum and I park anywhere I want

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thanks if you have questions pls reply

the current roads arent really wide enough for parking on the side of the roads


I mean Redwood Boulevard is an overly wide two-lane road with center-left turn lane so I don’t see a problem with parking there. If it were to be made realistic, it would require any parked vehicles to leave enough space to the left of them so that any passing cars won’t have to violate road markings to pass the parked car.
Seeing as most of you like the realistic method and it’s more for v3 (although the majority of v3 curb parkings are marked no parking), I’m gonna be implementing that. What would be really cool is if v3 had colored curbs other than just red for fire hydrants to indicate different parking restrictions like in real life.

we would need to ask the devs to make wider and stuff

Ok new proposed laws:

  • You have to park closest to the right-hand curb/part of the road
  • You can’t park facing oncoming traffic
  • Can’t park on lanes with arrows
  • Can’t park on roads w/ speed limit =>60


  • Can’t stop in such a way that other vehicles have to make dangerous or unlawful passing action

+other things

If you still got any suggestions please reply thx

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[new yorker insert]

Our roads here in the greatest goddamn city in the world are wide enough to allow people to park on the side, and to allow cars to continue smoothly.
The parking space is wide enough to allow a regular car to park, and the section of the main road beside it is at least 1.5 times the width of a car to allow extra space.
If we were to implement side parking in Firestone, it would either require the relabelling of a single lane of traffic, or widening the road to include a “third lane” small enough to accomodate side parking.

And then we get to the hassles of parallel parking.

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thanks DonaldRevin

I want to park between the white solid lines in a place called a car park.


I concur.

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