House Intelligence Agency?

House Intelligence Agency?

Recently, a Supreme Court Justice messaged me in regards to creating the “House Intelligence Agency”, I’d like to know your ideas on this concept; if any.

DHS: House Intellegance Agency…

look out IO here we come!

(joke, it should the the House Intellegence Committee not agency)

Speaker Pro Tempore,


I already had a bill for that from the previous term. :eyes:


My mistake, I meant Committee.

what is the purpose

According to the Supreme Court Justice: EVERYTHING…they could also lay in on matters that are involved with the dhs. they’d also investigate congressional members, basically a better version of the CGOC with more purpose.

By matters involved with DHS they don’t mean we get access to all DHS stuff. They mean when in issue (like corruption whatnot)

I don’t care what the judge thinks, I wanna know what you think it should be for

This sounds like cgoc 2.0

As I told the Justice, I said it’d basically be the CGOC with more purpose. So I really have no input on it, besides it could serve well if done properly.

would we also make the Senate Intelligence Committee?

i mean there wouldnt really be a point of it.

I will be honest, I don’t support the concept of the HIA. DHS wont give up their operation information to the HIA, despite it being classified.

in this scenario if hia has the clearance to classified information they can request it if its privy to their investigation similar to cgoc cant they?

It wouldn’t make sense to make an HIA.

Ultimately, I assume so. As I said, I disagree with the concept of the HIA.

worst idea in the history of ideas


I really don’t see a need for this.

DHS Already deal with corruption well, we have ways of doing it and if you wanted it to act like an IA too there would be no point because DHS already have an effective IA that doesn’t have issues towards Bias or anything considering nobody has complained about such.