Coming to a close

Coming to a close

I’ve been in Firestone now for 2, maybe 3 years, ever since Beta.
I’ve been in almost every department you can name, except for a few.
I’m thinking of joining one last department, congress, courts, etc.
Any suggestions?

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Based on your past experiences listed on your profile, I’d say go for SCSO and then SCSO:SWAT or DHS:CRT.

THat’s pretty old, I’ve been in CRT, and SCSO, but not SWAT. SWAT doesn’t really interest me as CRT was basically the same thing but better

How about become a lawyer?

i’d say congress maybe, courts require a lot of experience and legal knowledge

Congress if you don’t have as much time to invest.

edit: a letter

Run for Governor!

Congress needs people (the House is currently at 8/13 members) and it isn’t a very demanding job if you’re not looking to spend too much time on Firestone.

Show up to a session once every 1-2 weeks and come up with an idea for a bill every now and then.

don’t elections have to happen first though

I agree, come to the House of Representatives. We do need people, but yes, elections must occur. If you have a good speech and visible enthusiasm, I’d be glad to support you in the process.

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i remember you puggish, long times were good times

update: rejoined scfd, might do congress after this, then that’s a wrap!

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