Civ aircraft in v3

Civ aircraft in v3

there are many aviation fans in firestone!
and it would be great to have civilian aircraft in v3, including both small planes & helis

of course you would have to have a license to fly in v3, enforced by scripts cause having planes crash every 30 seconds wouldnt be fun for anyone

maybe every few real life days a plane would randomly have an engine failure and have to land somewhere else tho :thinking:

  • yes i want civilian aircraft
  • i dont want civilian aircraft

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To all people who are still unsure whether they want General Aviation (Civ Planes) in Firestone, think about the possibilities it could bring you.

  • Firestone would have another thing to make it unique. No ro-state currently has general aviation implemented into the main game. It’d make us stand out and certainly make players migrate to FS.

  • If we think this through even further, maybe you could create a small airline with 4-seater Airplanes etc and earn money by operating flights throughout FS. Department of Commerce would regulate this of course, but it’d give you a way to earn a lot of money without having to resort to criminal stuff.

  • There would be one Flightschool which falls directly under the DoA and would train you to get your license to fly. Either Helicopter or Private Aircraft.

  • Depending on how our capable Developers would make this possible, there could be different types of planes to choose from (Cirrus SR22-Cessna 208B). This would of course come in pricy if you were to buy your own airplane. So why not join a flying club? For a small membership fee you can take the club owned planes for a flyout, you are responsible for fueling up and checking your airplane! DoA can conduct random checks on your and your plane if they choose to do so and revoke your license if they see fit.

  • A smaller Dirtstrip type Airfield could be added in the future V3 Arbor area, It’d house a few hangars (small-big) and some outside parking spaces. All differ in rent etc. The big hangars would probably be owned by the flying club and filled with the best Aircraft, Firestone has to offer.

I know that I am one of the most unknown people in Firestone but please consider these points before voting. That’s all folks, thanks for reading this looooong text.

(Also it’s totally up to the devs if they want to put so much work into this since they are busy with V3. Most of the stuff is really premium. I personally would be happy with a small grassstrip, some kind of plane deaership and a hangar to park your planes in.)


imagine writing half a page worth of text over a near shitpost lmao

Eh, I don’t mind writing that stuff. It may serve not a great purpose but still…

I’m not really sure whether this post is asking civ planes in v3 or in the v3 airplane hub. It’s already been decided that there won’t be airplanes in v3, and personally I believe the stupid “take-off and then fly on some invisible block to imitate cruise” shit is really cringey, so I don’t really see much of a future in airplanes; however, I think that it would be cool to have civilian helicopters in the v3 game. Like doing tours and flying around and stuff alongside ASU.

Tbh I’d be impressed if the devs could make the planes realistic in v3 (something like flightline) and some passenger aspect for airliners etc. I’d rather have that then have some shitty plane flying system like pilot training with civilian aircraft.


oh i can already see planes stuck in the capitol

i can see “realistic” terrorism coming into play.

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This should be under the development suggestions category,

But yes! This is a good idea!
It will also introduce the option of terrorism!


If this does get implanted then you can only fly planes while ATC is online. This will prevent people from screwing around at night.


What if a plane goes rogue or goes dark? FSNG has helicopters, not jets.

The Air National Guard exist in Firestone

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give ANG jets then… duh

i didnt say i want airliners in v3, i said

Next level of traveling with dirty money

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we could have an invisible barrier over the city but not the near the airport so they cant crash but prob wont work so


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