An Amendment to the Bill of Rights Section VIII

An Amendment to the Bill of Rights Section VIII



§1: Section VIII of the Bill of Rights shall

§2: Under current Section VIII, the Bill of Rights currently states: “Citizens have the right to vote in all elections in the State of Firestone. Citizens may not
campaign more than once per page on the State of Firestone wall. A citizen is defined as someone who is a Middle-Class Citizen or above. Tourists are NOT citizens. However, all rights apply to tourists and guests, but do not have all privileges citizens do such as voting. Candidates who are in breach of election regulations shall be disqualified.”.

  • §2.1: Upon this amendment passing Section VIII of the Bill of Rights will now state: “Individuals above [or at] the rank of “Middle Class Citizen” within the State of Firestone reserve the right to vote and shall be defined as Citizens; tourists and or guests are not allowed to vote, though tourist and or guests still posses other rights. Citizens also possess the right to run for any office within the State of Firestone; unless they are in violation of the defined election regulations. Citizens are free to vote for whomever they choose without having to fear punishment. A Citizens vote may not be encouraged via blackmail, bribery; else the vote shall be nullified and declared void, though this must enforced by the election sponsor.”.

§3: This legislation shall be enforced by the Governor of the State of Firestone; hence overseen by the Supreme Court.

§4: This legislation shall go into effect upon passage of both the Senate and House and signed into effect by the Governor.

Respectfully submitted to the [Congress/House/Senate] of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Representative, Rinextel


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