An Act to Halt the Operations of the CGOC

An Act to Halt the Operations of the CGOC

An Act to Halt the Operations of the Congressional Government Oversight Committee


SECTION I: Any entity established within the Firestone Government as the “Congressional Government Oversight Committee” (and “CGOC”) shall be subject to the terms of this act when explicitly stated.

SECTION IA: The Congressional Government Oversight Committee shall have its operations suspended indefinitely until the conclusion of the current gubernatorial term.

SECTION IB: The CGOC’s operations shall be continued on the date of the election of the new Governors (01/20/2020). From this point forward, the committee shall be obliged to perform its duties as defined by law unless dictated by further legislation. Until such date is met, no person(s) within the legislature or otherwise shall be liable for not executing their duties properly regarding the CGOC- in concurrence and as outlined within any currently existing legislation that defines the authority or otherwise operations of the Congressional Government Oversight Committee.

SECTION II: If any section of this legislation is struck down or otherwise nullified, the rest shall retain amiability unless the entirety of the legislation is affected.

SECTION III: This legislation shall have immediate effect when passed by the Firestone Congress in concurrence with Constitutional standards- and signed by the Governor of Firestone.

Chief Sponsor(s):

Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone
President Pro Tempore of the Firestone Senate

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