A Joint Resolution to Further Committees (revised)

A Joint Resolution to Further Committees (revised)

A Joint Resolution to Further Committees


SECTION 1: All committee seats of any officially recognized Congressional committee shall now be filled by their respective chamber chair. The Speaker of the House and Lieutenant Governor- hereinafter referred to as ‘officers’ or ‘the chair’- shall be required to fill vacant seats within Congressional committees within their chamber- via appointment or any other process deemed proper by such officer. The Speaker of the House shall not appoint members to fill Senate committee seats and the Lieutenant Governor shall not appoint members to fill House committee seats. It shall be the officer’s responsibility to utilize the powers outlined- or to delegate such authority outlined in section 1C, in which case it shall be the appointed person(s) responsibility- in this section to keep each committee staffed in accordance with recognized committee seat requirements.

SECTION 1B: Such officers shall not fail to appoint committee members if their respective chamber hosts a sufficient amount of suitable candidates for positions on the respective committee. If such officer reasonably fails to fill vacant seats, the chamber may, at their discretion, declare via resolution persons(s) to be appointed to a committee.

SECTION 1C The Speaker of the House & Lieutenant Governor may appoint their respective Speaker Pro Tempore or President Pro Tempore to fulfill these duties if they feel necessary.

SECTION 2: All committee members shall be permitted to motion to expel specific person(s) from their respective committee. Such motion shall require a 2/3 majority in favor of such motion- rather than being required to pass expulsions in front of the entire chamber- however such expulsions may still be presented. If such motion passes, the individual should effectively be removed from the committee in which the motion passed. Committees shall not be able to remove person(s) not in their committee.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,


President Pro Tempore Hecxtro

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